Monday, February 2, 2009


Ok, we celebrated NYE in Hongkong-Shenzen (Yaay!) from Dec 30-Jan 3. We had so much fun cause we're celebrating our parents 25th Anniversary and Moi's Birthday. MUCH FUNN! (Ps: we went with Panorama Tours, suckyyyy! but fun, Lol)

Day 1: We arrived like 4PM at HK time and we stayed at Tsim Tsa Shui. We didn't waste anytime and go shopping at Central! We only got the chance to go to Landmark, On Lan Street, and H&M. Joyce at Central was so coooooolll! The interior are to die for and the brands selection are quite nice. I got a pair of Lanvin high-tops and my sis got Dries van Noten bag. On Lan Street also one cool street to go to when you're in HK. There they have stores like Louboutin, Dsquared2, Ice Cream (yes, Pharrell), Margiela, CdG, Mihara Yasuhiro, Ann Demeulemeester, D-Mop (Multibrands like, Preen, Ann-Sofie, etc) There After that we're so hungry we almost fainted, so we ate Indian Food haha.

Moi's birthday cake from Garuda/MTR Station, Tsim Tsa Shui

On Lan Street (In front of CdG and Mihara)

The best Briyani ever comes from HK

Day 2: DISNEYLAND! My mom got so excited she barely even feel cold. The weather was like 6 degrees. At night, we hanged at Harbour City before NYE and the roads were closed it was like people everywhere shopping like crrrrrazzy, fun though.

Disney's Christmas/NYE Parade

Canton Road/Harbour City, NYE

Day 3: City Tour (Victoria Peak, Madame Tussauds, etc). At 7 we went to Shenzen by Bus, we're sadddd

Victoria Peak Train

Day 4: City Tour (Windows of the world, Splendid China, we watched 2 performances that were quite similiar with Olympic's opening ceremony performance, Coooll)

Windows of the World, SZ

Performances at Splendid China, SZ

Best thing at SZ!

Day 5: Wake up at 5AM, cause at 7 we have to go back to HK for free-time. For those who didn't want to go shopping, they took off earlier to go to the Airport (Like, LOL) Ok, this sucks but fortunate for us in a different way. Our flight scheduled at 14.30 but those sluts at GA delayed our flight until 23.30, it was not delayed, it was more like cancelled until tomorrow (Bitch) Then, my sister and I decided to go back to the city via Airport Express which costs like HK$ 180 and go to H&M Store, oh i got my long-awaited-wanted Givenchy's Suede Derbys yea.

Overall, the trip was fun. Thx Mom & Dad.
Can't wait to go back in March! and go to Causeway Bay and Joyce Warehouse!


Sorry all for the lack of updatesss, we're going to post up some new things!

My sister was too lazy to do anything, and i was really busy with college duties