Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wolf Parade - At Mount Zoomer (2008)

It's been 3 years since last Wolf Parade album, and after the members various projects (such as Sunset Rubdown <3>
Finally! i thought they're not going to release another album, knowing that their other projects were also successful.

I like the album's cover. <3

Ok, ok, just download HERE

The Duke Spirit - Neptune

The newest album from The Duke Spirit, my favorite grunge/noise-rock group.

fyi, I really like the Liella Moss's voice.

Download HERE

Sandwich and Burgers

my parents are out of town.

my bitch-brother is also out of town, and not going back to Jakarta this week.

i'm lonely..........................

but fortunately, i get to use my parents double bed for a few nights, and i'm going to roll all over the place. hahaha!

oh, and today my jr high school is having a reunion. To be honest, saya malas sekali ya, i was an outsider back then so i don't know that many people. And there'll be some topics i don't understand. hhmmmmmmm...

still mikir-mikir ini dateng apa tidak ya? 

Heaven, anyone?

Heaven Tanudiredja, image taken from The Sartorialist

words words: I decided to make this post because it's about an Indonesian designer.To be honest I'm not familiar with Indonesian designer and i think they lack of something, i dont know what, innovation or originality maybe? Buuut, i found this person when i was strolling through the Sartorialist blog, and thought that this person was awesome! he used a Dries Van Noten sarong pants, which is part of the women collection! gosh.. now that's one reason to love him. :p that was when the stalking started.. LOL

Alright, here goes..
Heaven Tanudiredja, is a talented Indonesian designer :)) and was born in Bali, 1982. (a Balinese, huh? no wonder..)

Once worked for Biyan for 7 years, since he was only 15 (!!).
Got a diploma degree at Esmod, Jakarta. Then he studied abroad at Hogeschool Antwerpen in Antwerp, Belgia (It's the same as Royal Academy of Fine Arts, attended by the Antwerp Six, AF Vandevorst Bernhard Willhelm, Veronique Branquinho, and many others) and it's where his popularity began..

He worked for John Galliano's Christian Dior Couture for Kylie Minogue show in 2006.

He also recently collaborated on accesories line with Dries Van Noten. 

He's currently living in Paris, France.

a few of his pieces for ITS#6

accessories collaboration with Dries Van Noten A/W 2008

his own collections

Spring/Summer 2008. Photographs by Annick Geenen.

And you know what? Malcolm Pate made a short film inspired by his gothic collections, called "Heaven Tanudiredja" nyaaah how cool is that!? It's posted in Dazed Digital

UPDATE: now you can see his new collections at his MySpace. Love it.

What a talent! 
Saya bangga sebagai sesama orang Indonesia :)
Spread the love people!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Gang Gang Dance - God's Money

They're awkwardly beautiful, their experimental noises are addictive. 

I like them, and i don't care. Enuf said.

Download HERE and be haunted. B)

House of the very islands royal club division middlesex klassenkampf but the question is where are you, now?

Autumn/Winter 2008 collections

the Autumn/Winter 2007 collection

House of the very islands royal club division middlesex klassenkampf but the question is where are you, now? (huff huff) is a club of four Vienna-based designer. And believe me, that tongue twisting phrase is their label name :p

Anti-fashion, and anti gender-discrimination, they made inspirational pieces with short-film concepts in every collections. 

Andrea Ayala Closa

Andrea Ayala Closa is a Belgian-based fashion designer, also a graduate of Royal Academy of Antwerp.

She got a bunch of unique presentations for her Academy final collection, as you can see from above. 

The pieces were surreal, and the mannequinish model, and it's just for a final presentation, wowish!

Read her interview with Dazed Digital here

Monday, July 21, 2008

These New Puritans - Beat Pyramid

Finally! The official album of These New Puritans, the four-piece band which song (Navigate, Navigate) was used by Hedi Slimane for Dior Homme show in 2007.

Download here

Crystal Castles - s/t (2008)

I love the sounds of Crystal Castles, been a fan since Alice was only just Practicing (a.k.a Alice Practice). Love the 8-bit sounds, that's not too overrated.

Wild and crazy, always suit with my everyday mood.

Download here !

Marjan Pejoski A/W 08

love his men's collection

Love the fur-ry coat/shawl

Marjan Pejoski, maybe you may know him from his infamous Björk swan dress.

Love love love, Marjan Pejoski! 

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Comme des Garçons F/W 2007

Yeah, i know it's last year' collections. But, considering the lack of update in Comme des Garçons clothing in Indonesia, so yeah, here goes...

i dig those 'groping-hand'

This is one of my favorite shows of Comme des Garçons the pastel colors, the "weird-hand" groping the clothes, LOL that's awesome! And the hats added the whole quirkiness of the clothes, the styling was just plainly perfect. 

Oh yeah, can't wait for the collabo with H&M !